WGU Review

In the spirit of passing my first masters course, I figured I’d do a post on WGU & how much I love it. [ This is not a sponsored post, yet. haha]

So starting off with WGU was super easy. The enrollment process is entirely online. You get a checklist & once you upload the appropriate documents, they start to unlock the next few steps.

If you have a bachelors, you don’t have to take any entrance exams. You have to do a couple of over the phone interviews & boom, you’re done with that part. Now, financial aid, let’s talk about how inexpensive WGU is. My hospital has a WGU coaching program. If you get accepted into the coaching program at your facility, you get 75% off of tuition. Your responsibilities include precepting WGU nursing students who are getting their bachelors. It’s a pretty sweet deal, they only need I think 5-6 shifts.

One thing I will say that I don’t like is their payment plan. They only give you 4 months to pay the remaining balance after financial aid. Even if you try to ask for more months or prove income, there is no budging, trust me I tried. BUT, they do have a bunch of scholarships available to apply for each semester & classes start every month. So if you don’t have it then, you can get what you can and start the following month. As opposed to most schools, where you have to wait a full semester.

Once your all set and enrolled. You get assigned a mentor. This is basically a guidance counselor x 10. They periodically check in with you, set goals and dates to finish classes and go above and beyond to make sure you are on track.

After you set your dates, you can get started. For my program, the first semester has 4 classes. You do them sequentially not simultaneously, which I LOVE! I rather do one class at a time and put all 100% in it then a bunch at once. Getting used to the online courses was harder then I thought. Everything is on your time, if you don’t put in the work, you don’t get results. Most of the graduate courses are pass or fail. You have to either do a performance assessment or an actual test. (which they send you a camera for so you are proctored via webcam, pretty cool)

The portal is easy to work with, you submit via task stream. They check it and send it back for revision or complete the course.

Honestly, I’m such a huge fan of WGU. As a nurse, we have limited time to be in a classroom. I knew to get started that I wanted to get my masters on my schedule. I will keep you guys posted as I go along! But if you have any further questions, comment below !!

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