The Future Of Car Ownership – Fair App Review

Leasing a car has changed for the better ! I’m going to put you guys on to the future of car ownership. Ray and I are new to Fair App, but at this moment we are happy with the results of leasing a car view an app.

So this is how it works; you download the app for free & set up an account. After you submit your application, you will get a set range of available cars that fit your location, style, budget and of course credit score. At this point, you can start browsing.

There are thousands of cars to choose from based on brand, style, luxury, and specialty. Once you pick a car and start the leasing process, you will get a rough estimate of what your monthly payments will be with either insurance from the company or your insurance. You will also receive the start amount (which is a deposit that you only pay once).

Now here is the best part, the app allows for a month to month lease. You can change your car at any time (for a fee of course) without any hassle whatsoever. So if you are like Ray and I and are hesitant about leasing a car for 24-36 months, this is the perfect choice for you! The app allows for so much flexibility. We love the idea of having the ability to change the car at any time we want to.

The best part about the app is the car comes from a dealership. There are a few apps out there that offer month to month lease, but a person owns the vehicle. Receiving the vehicle from a dealership ensures a different type of transaction. They cover everything from oil changes to tire exchanges.

Here are some things we learned :

Because Ray is under 25, he doesn’t qualify for full coverage through the app. So we shopped around & did some research. We accepted a plan from Geico that covers just about everything except for small damages. We were able to negotiate a deal with Fair & add small damage coverage for $40 a month, which is worth the peace of mind.

Search for promo codes! I’m not sure if these will be available once this blog goes live, but here are some we tried. [ ‘YesJulz’ for $100 off] and [ ‘Promo200’ for $200 off ].

Ask for a voucher for an Uber to the dealership. The specific car we chose was about an hour away. We tried our best to find the same care at a closer location! Since there weren’t any available, Ray asked for a discount (since the uber came out to $65 for the trip). To our surprise, fair app covers your uber cost up to 50 miles! Don’t be afraid to ask for accommodations.

We are absolutely excited about getting started! I will keep you guys updated. For now, we are starting with an affordable choice! However, I do have my eye on the range, so I’ll post a blog on how to switch cars via the app! Till then, we will be cruising around LA in a BMW i3.

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