Reflection & Manifestation

This post is long overdue, the best part of the holidays, for me at least, is New Year’s Eve. I love taking the time to reflect and manifest for the new year coming up! & it’s our anniversary so you can imagine my happiness waking up on the 31st.

But for some weird reason, reflection this year was harder then it’s ever been. Ray and I sat in SunCafe for 4hours having one the most emotional conversations I’ve had in a while. I mean I guess it’s always an emotional conversation when you take time to really inspect your flaws and discuss a plan on how to be a better person.

So this year, I tried something new. Instead of focusing on new goals for 2019. I started reflecting on 2018. I usually just go hard on things I want to get done, without giving myself credit for the work I put in the year prior. I wrote down a list of 2018 accomplishments & that alone motivated me to get it poppin’ in 2019. Lol

2018 has taught me a few things. Some of the lessons coming from moving to LA and others from working in oncology. I’ve learned to practice appreciation, work on understanding those who were raised differently, adapt around people I would rather be away from and count my blessings.

Just using the word blessing is something new for me. I never used ‘blessed’ because I’ve worked hard for everything that I have. Zero handouts! So using the word blessed to me, made me feel as though things just happened ‘ because.‘ & I didn’t want to get used to discrediting my work. But honestly, my health and my family are a blessing. & ray is too, I am blessed to be experiencing a relationship that promotes growth, independence, and individuality.

Trust me, this post will be mad long if I keep going on all the things I’ve learned. I’m gonna move on! The purpose of this is just to remind others that before you manifest and before you start talking about things you need to work on, reflect on your accomplishments. & your failures. You’ll learn more about yourself after reflecting on failures, trust me.

Here’s a little exercise to help you get started. Answer these questions honestly, this is only for you, don’t cheat yourself.

1. What brought joy in 2018? Happiness and gratification?
2. What made you feel uncomfortable?
3. What made you feel proud?
4. What are some accomplishments you thought you would never be able to do?
5. Reflect on those who were left behind & those you want around more often.
6. What are some projects that you didn’t finish, talk about why you think they were left undone.

Now that you have your answers; reflect & maybe even share them.

Then put in the work! Manifest the things you want to see flourish. This is my favorite part, my imagination runs wild!

Keep goals realistic & remember a goal without a plan is just a wish.

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