How to beat Jet lag

Jet lag is a group of symptoms that arise after long travel, specifically across time zones. It’s basically when you feel sluggish, tired (for no particular reason) and just ‘off ‘ after hours of travel.

Our biological clocks get all messed up when we switch our night and days. It can take a couple of days to completely adjust! However, if you try to plan ahead, you can avoid these symptoms and get straight to enjoying your trip.

Since moving to the west coast, I find myself traveling much more often to see my family! I’ve learned the best way to beat jet lag, with the time difference and the fact that I usually have short 4 or 5 day- stay, I don’t have time to feel tired and sluggish. Here are some tips that have helped me!

1. Take the night flight! I try to keep myself busy and out of the house all day. Most of the time I’ll go after a full day of work so that I knock out on the plane. However, if I’m not working, I’ll do my last minute shopping, stock the fridge for ray, last minute laundry, etc.. If I leave Cali at around 12, I’ll be on the east coast by 8 am. I prefer to sleep on the flight there and have a full day of things to do, so I can sleep at night.

2. Get a work out in! Seriously, releasing endorphins can help reset your clock. Men’s Journal Researchers — found that scheduled exercise altered the molecular clock in tissues like the muscles and lungs. Other studies have found similar results. People were better able to adapt to eight-hour time shifts—like flying to Switzerland—if they exercised at the same time each day.

3. Don’t eat trash! You guys know I had to mention this one. I go to trader joes to grab snacks for my flight, and it usually lasts for the trip as well. Food is fuel; you eat trash; you’ll feel like trash.

4. Don’t take naps, try to fight through that first day of travel. So that you can sleep at night time!

5. For longer 12+ hour flights. Start adjusting your sleep time before travel. Add the time zone to your phone, so you can start going to bed earlier (or later) a couple of days before you head out, that way when you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to fall asleep easier.

Plan ahead! After adjusting my flight time & planning my first day of travel around a short workout and some good food, I rarely ever feel drained. & of course, stay hydrated.

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