Writing about myself is always such a hard thing for me because how do you pull together 25+ years of life into a few sentences?! I’ll start then with a brief introduction (: My name is Leslie; I am the writer and creator of Hips & Hustle. I started this blog with intentions of spreading information that I have learned in my life to you! I’m a registered nurse here in sunny Los Angeles. My journey to healthy living started two years ago at the beginning of my nursing career.


When I started working as a nurse, I got my first job on a Congestive Heart Failure floor in Brooklyn, New York. I was born in New York, went to college in New York and started at the same hospital my mother once worked (yes, a weird flow of things!). Anyway, my knowledge of nutrition was based on simple principles; pork is bad for you, don’t eat fast food and stay away from soda. However, when I started working on a cardiac centered floor, I realized that most diseases that were debilitating my patients were diseases based on nutritional intake. Like heart issues and diabetes. I began doing more research on patient population and disease correlation. I noticed, most of my patients were black or Hispanic and I wanted to know why!


Then, after a “coincidental” series of events, T. Collin Campbell’s The China Study fell into my lap. I felt as though everything I had known about nutrition was a lie. I felt conditioned and persuaded by every advertisement I had seen in my lifetime. After reading The China Study, I read about ten more on plant-based nutrition. Everything changed after that….


So here I am, starting a blog based off of natural living. I intended on just writing about food and health. But then I figured, why not write about other things I have experienced! After all, I did defeat the odds. When I was younger, we lived in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York, probably after Crown Heights & Brownsville. We didn’t have much, if anything at all. But I still went to college, earned my degree, started my career, traveled out of new york. I even took the leap to move to the west coast. Most of my success is the result of having a fantastic family. My parents did everything known to man to make sure we were okay. We moved all over the place for better schools. They both sacrificed so much to ensure my brothers and I were set up for success. My mom would go as far as setting up an empty bathtub with a sheet and a pillow so I can read away from the family. (I loved the tub & it took her a while to be okay with it, but she put her touch, and it became my reading nook). I’m at this point in my life because of them.


I want to inspire others! I want to show that you, too, can get out of a sh*tty situation with hard work and perseverance. I’m 25, still growing and figuring out life, just like you. Hips & Hustle will be a place where you can come and learn something new about food, health, travel, nursing and a bunch of random things in between.



Glad you were able to check out the site! I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me. All questions, potential collaborations, and stories always welcomed.