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Holidays are near! YAY! Although we choose not to celebrate most holidays, I do look forward to holiday cheer. Just the whole environment around the holidays makes me happy! First up, Halloween.

I’m a very opinionated person, if you know me, you know I always have something to say. It might be annoying, but at least you know it comes from the heart. I intend to provide positive feedback or just put you on to something you might not know.

So here’s a post about Halloween.

Have you ever asked yourself why am I giving out candy on this day? Or why is it ok to teach our kids that they can dress up, change their identity and knock on someone’s door asking for food. It’s weird, it really is. When I started to think about the concept of the holiday really, I started doing some research.

Halloween originated from Ireland. Yes, I said Ireland, October 31st was actually called ‘Samhain.’ Also known as Samain, its the time of the year that was the division between the lightest time of the year and the darkest time of the year. The celts (yes this has everything to do with the Boston Celtics haha) were a group of people originally from Ireland. The Celts believed this time of the year was a vulnerable time because it was when the dead arose, so they did everything they could to ward off evil spirits. The idea of the costumes was to disguise themselves and keep safe from spirits. They cooked food and lit bonfires as peaceful offerings to the dead.

Now keep in mind, this tradition started 2000+ years ago & there’s a bunch of other information correlated with this celebration, but you get the point. If you want to read more here’s a link https://www.newgrange.com/samhain.htm.

Like many traditions, they last forever. Many Irish man and women fled from Ireland to America after the famine, they brought their food and their Samian tradition, which is now what we celebrate as Halloween.

Now, you can’t bring anything to America, without having the white man make some money off of it. Trick or treating dates back to when many parts of England adopted the idea of Samain. The poor would knock on wealthier family homes and ask for offerings to pray for their loved ones / deceased family members. Kind of weird, but who are we to judge, we give candy for nothing. If you think of who benefits from costume parties and trick or treating, you may not have the answer, but you know its not you….

So there it is, a quick recap on Halloween and what it all originated from. Now, at least you know what it all stemmed from!

Quick little snippet; I don’t have kids, nor do I plan on having any, until the very very very very far future. When I express my beliefs to my friends on how I don’t celebrate many of the holidays, they always ask what am I going to tell my future kids.

Ray’s sister and brother in law, have done such a fantastic job teaching their kids. Seriously, I’m always astonished on how they are able to understand things that most adults can’t wrap their heads around. They created an environment where their kids, question everything. They made it cool to comprehend. So before they do anything, or celebrate any holiday, they are expected to do research and learn about the culture. And guess what? They have no complaints! They don’t believe in Santa, tooth fairies or Easter bunnies. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get presents. They have birthdays, gifts for significant accomplishments and when auntie is around, they get whatever they want haha.

The best part about it is the fact that they are not easily swayed by others around them. By teaching them to do research and learn, they are able to take these essential qualities and practice it every day. They set the standard, they make it cool not to believe everything they are told. Its possible to create this environment, they have 3 kids, all very different yet they all understand what’s real. & most importantly, they still get to be kids and enjoy life.

P.S There is a petition on Change.org that needs 7500 signatures to attempt to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October. So many kids are injured at night due to dark costumes, group walking and lack of parental guidance. Changing Halloween to a Saturday will allow parents a full day to celebrate with kids instead of cramming after school & work. I think it’s a great idea! Head over to sign the petition if you do too.

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